Detail of the base of Charlene's Dial. Being the complete Zodiac
Signs, symbols, gems, elements,
Planetary influences, metals, Dates, months & compass

Martin Cole
Queensland,  Australia

Charlene Barnfield
The Maker's stargazing wife
Roodepoort, South Africa

Willie & Renate
Pretoria, South Africa

Hourglass made for
Irene Country Lodge
Pretoria, South Africa

Harry Malherbe
South Africa

Irene Estate
South Africa

1 metre sandstone sundial at 'The Wilds',
a park in Johannesburg,
South Africa.
'The Wilds' is one of Johannesburg's higher points.The dial stands at the crest.

3.5 metre Analemmatic sundial in
Imvelo Park (Zulu for 'nature')
at Standard Bank Headquarters,
Central Johannesburg, South Africa

Tom H, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Noon Cannon sundial

A sandstone sundial gravestone
Johannesburg, South Africa

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