Sanae Antarctica Sundial

The last sunset before the onset of the winter blackout and first sunrise of the spring.
Sanae, Antarctica, 2004
Photos by Beneke de Wet, Team Leader,
Sanae 43

The Sanae Antarctica Sundial
1 year on
October 2005

The maker
Malcolm Barnfield

Situated at Sanae, Dronning Maud Land, on the continent of Antarctica, 71 40' 10" south and 2 48' 4" west, this sundial is believed to be the most southerly in the world and the only sundial on that continent. It is 400mm square. The dial was a gift from South Africans to the Sanae 43 team of intrepid engineers and scientists who spend a year in that lonely and isolated place. It stands next to the South African National Antarctic Expedition Base and is longitude corrected for its position in the Greenwich Meridian Time Zone. It bears the Equation of Time so that to obtain the legal time only the Equation must be applied to any reading. Being so far south and at the peak of summer it is able to be read for 24 hours per day and is calibrated for that. It is accurate to within 30 seconds. The dial is constructed from solid unleaded brass throughout and is mounted on a central pillar because expansion and contraction make corner mountings impractical. The dial is designed to withstand wind speeds of
250 k.p.h. and temperatures from +6C to -80C and has already withstood wind gusts of 163k.p.h. and -38C.
It bears the logos of the sponsoring companies and the 'Proudly South African' logo plus the Sanae 43 team logo.

The Sanae 43 Team standing around the most southerly sundial in the World
L to R:- Pieter Wolmerans,
Beneke de Wet, Deon Gouvias, Rupert Niemand, Leon Englebrecht, Struan Cockcroft, Shorty Terblanche, Mark Loubser.
Photo by Beneke de Wet

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In the order of construction the sponsoring companies and individuals were:-
J Signs  Greg Hogan. Concept and artwork 011 763 4520
Sundials  Malcolm Barnfield. Design and construction of the sundial 011 475 9644
Brass Extruders. SA Technical advice, backup and brass suppliers 011 821 0700
Metals Centre. James Miles. Brass plate supplier 011 493 4930
Pumpman cc. Richard, Glenn & Brett Collyer. Pillar and gnomon construction plus fitting. 011 708 1158
Cutting Edge Graphics.  Penny Hodkinson. Layout design, vector & technical drawings plus artwork. 011 793 4574
Print Caf. Dave Peterson. Pozi reproduction and file conversions
Micro Etch. Bernard Tilanus. Metal photo etching
National Solder Company. Sura Daya. Solders and fluxes. 011 873 9000
MCR Specialised Welding. Mark Davies. Soldering.
Red Feather Projects. John Wright. Resin colour fills of the logos.
Henk van der Ham. Engravings for resin colour overlays and proofing of technical drawings. 012 654 7548
Proudly South African. Marketing and promotion.