Noon Cannon Sundials

This dial was made for Ms Janie Wells of Fairview, Tennessee, USA. It is a memorial to her late daughter and stands at an outdoor conservation education classroom she built in the Bowie Nature Reserve,
Fairview, Tennessee.
True local solar noon is announced by a shot from the cannon.
The dial is of solid brass throughout, longitude corrected and displays the compass, Equation of
Time and Moondial chart for telling time at night.
It is mounted on a marble disc.
The inscription reads:-
'May this sundial solar station encourage us all to reach to the heavens as we search and learn'.
Click here to see the dial at the classroom

Another example of the Noon Cannon which stands at Sag Harbor, New York, U.S.A. It was made for Dan Choy and contains the graphic dragon with his name in Chinese in the

Butterfield Noon Cannon Sundial
The Butterfield style sundials have an adjustable gnomon and are calibrated for several latitudes or
specific cities and thus are portable. The example below is calibrated from 40 north to 60 in 5
steps so it is suitable for use from southern Europe to northern Scotland.
The adjustable gnomon is shown below on the right.
The eastern side of the gnomon contains the constellations of Ursa Major and Minor and the major stars are marked with their Greek symbols. The legend with the star names against the symbol is given on the back of the dial along with 11 named cities, their global positions, time zones and longitude corrections.
The dial is in a private collection in Europe and is the second Noon Cannon made for the same collector.

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Another Noon Cannon Sundial

This one made for Boston, USA and showing the daylight
savings hours

Essays on Noon Cannons
Mr Pedro Novella of Spain made an exhaustive study of Noon Cannons from all over the world. It deals with the makers and history of Noon Cannons (ancient & modern) and is lavishly illustrated.