Solid Brass Horizontal Sundials

These are the traditional Rose Garden sundials of yore.
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The dial on the left is 220mm in diameter and was made for Wimbledon in England
It contains the Equation of Time around the
calendar and is longitude corrected for its site
It is also a solar calendar containing the Solstices,  Equinoxes and family birthdays, the 'dent' in the shadow from the nodus point then travels along the appropriate day arc (actually an arc of solar
declination) each year

Purpose made dials like that below, on the left, are also offered in brass or stainless steel for both the
Northern and Southern Hemispheres
Designs, shapes and themes of your choice can be incorporated as can Family Crests, logos, anniversary dates and commemorative details

The above dial is a replica of the Kimberley Library sundial, installed in 1901
Made for the Kimberley Historic Society in 2010. Originally constructed by Newton
& Company of London in 1899

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Stainless steel horizontal dial at Steenbok Park, Knysna

Another Horizontal Sundial design