Armillary Sphere Sun-Moondials
The Armillary Sphere is a representation of the Celestial Sphere and its various rings signify the Local
Meridian, The Horizon line, the Equatorial (time line) and the Ecliptic. It was the precursor to the
Astrolabe and Sextant. In its early forms it was used for land navigation and the taking of bearings from the heavens. Now it is largely decorative and fairly common in gardens and parks. Often the
gnomon rod takes the form of an arrow and the signs of the Zodiac and other Planetary symbols are
traditionally engraved on the respective rings.

Larger Armillaries
Ideal for the bigger garden, Town House complexes, Golf Courses and Corporate Buildings these spheres are purpose made in solid brass in diameters from 300mm to 1000mm. Engravings of your choice and logos can be inserted on any ring.
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The sphere on the far right is one of a pair made for the Blue Train. One is set for Pretoria and the other for Cape Town, the usual destinations of that well loved and World famous South African icon, the Luxury Blue Train

Diameter of sphere 190mm
Height 260mm
Weight 5.4 kg
EoT and Polaris plus the Plough
constellation on the base plate
Solid bronze tortoise modeled on the
African Greater
Padlooper (road walker) tortoise

Diameter 80mm
Tortoise mounted
because mythology tells that the World rides on the back of a tortoise which daily and slowly travels across the
heavens from the East into the West so the spheres on the right are
presented doing just that. (One such dial I made now stands at Yellowknife in Northern Canada, 62.5 north, a few degrees outside the Arctic Circle)

The 1 metre steel and brass armillary on the right was made for the International Law Enforcement Academy at Otse, Botswana and stands at the highest point of Botswana.
Designs such as this can be tailored to suit any theme and dressed with Corporate logos and slogans.
They are also suitable for large housing estates and sports clubs.
Choices of format and materials are endless.
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