Universal Armillary Sun-Moondial for Northern & Southern Hemispheres

260mm high
280mm in diameter
Weight 1.9 kg
Packed 2.2kg
Complete with easy set up
  Pedestal & freight not included

The Sundial was one of Man's earliest measuring tools and records of them go back over 4000 years.
The Armillary sundial was once used worldwide at schools, railways, churches and for the regulation of life in general, now for teaching and the decoration of parks, gardens, memorials and monuments.
This dial consists of the Equatorial line (time line) and the Local Meridian. It is of solid brass throughout and is calibrated for both Northern and Southern Hemispheres. It is precisely adjustable for latitude and longitude correction. It also accommodates Daylight Saving adjustments and is thus suitable for any
location on Earth between 17 and 72 of latitude in any hemisphere or Time Zone. It is calibrated in 5 minute intervals and is accurate to less than 1 minute.
It bears the Equation of Time chart and the Moondial chart for telling time at night.
Once correctly set only the Equation of Time need be applied to any sunlight reading to obtain the legal hour.

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